Jeremy Jacob

is a Brooklyn based visual artist, producer, and director. Jacob’s work has been exhibited at institutions such as Cindy Rucker Gallery (NY) and the Zuckerman Museum of Art (GA).

Production designs for stage include Jack Ferver’s Everything Is Imaginable (2018) and Desire (2019). Designs for film include Jay Dockendorf’s Three Deaths (2019) and Tobias Finkelstein’s Meron (2017).

Jeremy Jacob is the producer and sound designer for the podcast Dance And Stuff, as well as the creator/director of the web series, The Dance And Stuff Show. Short films include State of Desire, and Courting; or, An American Romance.

As a set designer and prop stylist for commercial photography and motion, Jeremy Jacob has worked with photographers and directors such as Alice Bucaille, Stef Mitchell, Scott Trindle, Andrew Jacobs, Dario Catellani, Alexandra Nataf, Franklin Burger, Nagi Sakai, Daniel Rampulla, Andrew DeYoung, Angi Welsch, Eddie Wrey, and many more.